Rock-Fest Mission


   Rock-Fest Mission:

To organize social family and youth events that will promote community integration, promote youth mentorship, develop community pride, and strengthen community involvement.

   Rock-Fest Strives for Success:
The Rock-Fest committee members strongly believe in building community relationships and giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to experience our community traditions.  

We are a committee that achieves through doing.  We invite everyone to participate!  Everyone is invited to celebrate and play! 



  Rock-Fest Purpose:
To offer family events through-out the year that will include an annual festival and teen dances. 

With any event it takes wonderful volunteers and neighboring communities assisting to make a successful event.

  We are always looking for great ideas!

To Volunteer or Share Ideas:

We'd like to hear about your great ideas by contacting our volunteer coordinator Tudie at 320-252-3017

  • Organize Rock-Fest as a means of promoting the benefits of a common bond between the people, businesses, government, education, youth, and civic organizations.
  • Provide opportunities for organizations and businesses to showcase their products/services and raise funds for their cause.
  • Provide a unique cultural and educational experience for residents and tourists.
  • Provide tours that will educate and promote our agricultural community, granite country, businesses, Grand Lake, Pleasant Lake and Eagle Park.  
  • Provide fun activities and opportunities which have a broad appeal to Central MN, families and youth.
  • Organize events that will benefit the success of Rock-Fest’s future.
  • Donate a percentage of funds to local causes or organizations that are in need of financial support. 
  • Engage in fundraising activities independently or jointly with other organizations for charitable causes.   

Rockville History

                  Rock-Fest Goals

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Rockville Rock-Fest 

Organization Name
Rockville Rock-Fest

Achieve through doing.

The Rockville community festival was established by the City of Rockville in 2003 and the committee currently functions as a nonprofit organization.  The committee is comprised of non-profit organizations, business members, and volunteers from the Rockville community and surrounding cities.