Rockville Rock-Fest 

​Rockville Rock-Fest General Meeting
Date: 05/16/2016
Scheduled Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Stoney’s Bar, Rockville
Attendance: Amanda, Kyria, Rosie, Tudie, Cheetoz, Kathleen

Event Date: Saturday, June 4th with events to begin at 3PM
Reason for Meeting: To solidify events, collect all information to present for council meeting, have a general discussion of committee positions, discuss future meeting structure, and determine tasks to complete prior to and day of festival.

Chair – Amanda Filla
Co-Chair – Kyria Miller
Rockville Parish Liaison – Rosie Ashfeld
Public Relations – Tudie Hermanutz
Entertainment Director – Cheetoz Betz
Finance/Treasurer – Kathleen Stanger
Logistics – Nick Filla
Emergency Management - Mike Hofmannn
Secretary – To Be Determined
City Liaison – To Be Appointed

Prior groups which Rock-Fest was tasked:
1. Fundraising
2. Permits
3. Decorations
4. Signage
5. Public Relations
6. Education
7. Vendor Booking
8. Food and Beverage
9. Parade
10. Games
11. Band
12. Tours
13. Set-up
14. Waste Disposal
15. Event-day Logistics and Security
16. Safety
17. Clean-up

Discuss categories at future meeting(s). Due to time restraints discussion in more detail after 2016 festival.
Rock-Fest Committee tasked with –
 Kathleen and Kirstin elected to do a live broadcast with the local radio; include (Daryl and Rose Steil) as they can promote the veterans monument.
 Kathleen to get Amanda the forms that Adeline used for parade lineup.
 Parade committee will pick up road parade signs and barricades from Cold Spring.
 Stoney’s bar obtaining banners – when in need reach out to committee so they can be placed.
 Amanda to reach out to sign company; possible signs will be donated.
 Prizes needed for
o scavenger hunt
o hula-hoop contest
o yodeling contest

$7,125; estimated expenses for 2016 festival
$3,000; RES Fireworks per contract
$1,450; Parade (mailers, marketing, float expenses, and award prizes); approved for $2,000
 $400 Kracker Jacks
 $900 Squid Wheelies
 Trolley – Jeff Burg - fee possible for running the unit in the parade.
 $150 Prizes (Theme, Music, and People’s Choice $50 to be awarded to each categorized winner)
$1,000; Promotions (newsprint, radio, and posters)
$1,475; Events
 $150 Dunk tank
 $750 Fishing Pond
 $250 DJ – Northland DJ & Karaoke
 $325 Trolley – Jeff Burg
 We may need cash prizes or need to purchase prizes for scavenger hunt, hula-hoop contest, & yodeling contest.
Event sponsored by Park and Rec
 $500 Pedal Tractor Pull – Park and Rec. approved sponsorship.
$200 ??? Logistics
 $ (undetermined) Toilet rental – (3 toilets and wash sink; 1 by tractor pull, 2 by church and sink by church)
o Investment to be determined.
 Dumpsters – (2-Dumpsters and cans; 1 by tractor pull, 1 by church and cans located through-out city)
o No fee – donated by West Central Sanitation.
 Golf Cars – (2-cars provided by Gressers of Cold Spring)
o Used by committee members during event.
 UTV Unit – (1-River by Rive Power)
o Used by committee members to sell water.
 Fire department approval needed to fill dunk tank and fish pond.
Provide to City Council at 5/18 meeting:
 Rock-Fest rules.
 Insurance Certificates that will be provided to the City of Rockville:
 Squid Wheelies
 Trolley – Jeff Burg
 Tractor Pull
 Shady Oaks Ranch
Asking for Council to approve at 5/18 meeting:
 Requesting city to sign hold harmless for Berm (Cold Spring Granite – fireworks site)
 Scherer Trucking is requesting a certificate of insurance from the city of Rockville; they have provided the stage in the past.

The week of the city festival:
All city garage sale The following events to begin on Saturday, June 4th and start at 3PM
Downtown Rockville - Rockville City Hall Parking Lot
Kids Pedal Tractor Pull - Registration to begin as early as 2PM with pull starting at 3PM
The following events to begin on Saturday, June 4th and start at 3PM Downtown Rockville - Rockville Parish Grounds
Opening ceremony – to introduce festival and short speech to honor our service members. Black Hawk helicopter - tentative Display honoring our local service members located in the Rockville Parish Center
Also on display, Rockville Veteran's Monument Car and Tractor display - tentative Food Vendors Craft Vendors DJ-Youth Dance; Northland DJ & Karaoke Hula-hoop contest - with prizes Yodeling contest – tentative Scavenger Hunt All City - with prizes Cake Walk by the Rockville Parish Center Party Time Inflatables by Bounce Adventure Family Fun Center
Kids games by Voigt's Bus Company
Dunk Tank Horse and Pony Rides Petting Zoo by the local area FFA Live Fishing Pond (catch and release)
Kids Train Rides City and Park Trolley Rides Parade - All City @ 6PM Evening Events Planned for Saturday, June 4th
Night entertainment at Hideaway Bar and Stoney's Bar (downtown Rockville)
Outdoor Beer Garden
Fireworks by RES Specialty Pyrotechnics begins at Dusk

FYI - Rules Passed by the Rock-Fest Committee Prior to 2016 and Currently Active:
Gas Reimbursement: This will be reimbursed as long as a committee member details why they are requesting the money for mileage reimbursement.
To receive reimbursement:
 The committee member must provide the amount of mileage, a description of where and why they drove.
 Reimbursement will be given at .25 per mile.
Festival Budget:
 Overall festival budget to be approved by committee.
 Each sub-committee will have their own expense budget and must stay within that budget. If budget will be exceeded, review and approval is needed by the committee with a plan of how to cover the added expenses. Discussion for approval will be held at an official Rock-Fest meeting.
 Any event or Parade float over $500 must receive approval from the committee. Discussion for approval will be held at an official Rock-Fest meeting.
Committee Member Reimbursement Request:
 The original receipt for the reimbursement requests must be attached to the Rock-Fest reimbursement form.
 Rock-Fest reimbursement will need committee approval with an official signature.
Golf Car Rentals
Keep keys at info booth or with a (designated Rock-Fest worker).
Check out and check in rules will apply at all times.
 Keys for Golf Car or UTV units can only be obtained by a Rock-Fest worker.
 Festival worker must be over the age 18 with a valid driver’s license.
The above rules will be revisited at a future meeting to determine if they need to be revise​.​​